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Burning Kit

Burning Kit

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In every time of burning the Oud, you need to have the right burning kit to get the best smell out of each piece. For that, OUDCRÀFT made this box to treat your senses with the true/pure smell of oud at the right temperature.

50 Charcoal Briquets:
Manufactured from natural products to ensure odourless, quick-igniting and long lasting ember.

Ceramic Tweezer:
Ceramic tip tweezer is absolutely precise for the use of Mica plates and placing Oud. With heat-resistance head, it is extremely strong and support the burning of Oud. Through using the advanced stainless steel material, this tweezer lasts longer than others.

More Than 50 Mica Plates:
A newly introduced technique to control the temperature of the ember so the heat is just about fair to hit the risen of the Oud and ensure the true smell is release in the form of smoke. Mica is a shiny and non-metallic mineral. It has many properties which make it useful – it comes in thin layers, and is a non-conductor of heat.

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