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Royal Rituals

Royal Rituals

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12 grams (1 Tola)

1.5 grams (1 Amber )


Amber Overview:

Amber topped the types of perfumes that were used in history by kings, sultans and princes, and its aromatic scent and Oud scent were associated with palaces. It was used as precious gift among kings, and was established as one of the most important treasures to be saved.
The history books are full of mentioning amber, the way it is used and gifted, and the interest of kings in searching for it, even the Abbasid Caliph Harun Al-Rashid, has been known with his seriousness in searching for amber, so he brought it from the shores of Aden (1).
Amber was used as a manifestation to honour guests. The Abbasid Caliph Al-Ma'mun was under him an Incense Burner with Amber, so if he wanted to honour someone with it, he ordered his servant to take the Incense Burner from under him (2).
Amber was one of the most gifts exchanged between ancient kings (3).
Recently, amber is considered one of the best ingredients perfume compositions as a strong sensual. Still, using it with Oud, is one of the best ways to make the scent on your clothes last longer and smell amazing.

Product Specifications:

We have selected the finest types of amber, which are distinguished by a strong, long-lasting scents, and we have collected these pieces very carefully.

Amber Specification:

🌍From Coasts of Yemen
🔥Needs very low temperature


From a border area between Burma and India, these pieces are considered the best to mix its aroma with amber, which gives a calming scent, and does not produce a smoky note, even if the Oud piece is completely burnt over a charcoal.

Oud Specifications:

🌍From India
🌳Forest Oud
💧Non-immersive in water
🔥Needs medium heat
    (Mica sheets are not recommended)

Method of use:

Place the Oud on the charcoal, then put the amber piece on the Oud, and after seconds, the scent royal palaces will be emitted, which is rich with its refreshing layers, that will take you to a whole different world.


(1) AI -Masʿūdī, Akhbar al-zaman The History of Time)
(2) Ibn Abi Tahir Tayfur, The Abbasid Caliphate (History of Baghdad)
(3) Ibn al Zubayr, Antiques and Munitions

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