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Saffron Fields

Saffron Fields

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Take a trip around the world with "Saffron Fields"
Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world, which makes our opportunity to taste it a real luxury. This saffron box has five different types from three continents that together make a delicately beautiful bundle. It is an extraordinary gift for those who appreciate the best and are looking for something special

Turkish saffron:

 A rare and precious saffron variety that boasts a deep red color and strong, intense flavor.

Country: Turkey 

Field or Region: SafranBolu 

Cultivated land area: 450 hectares 

Flavor: sweet, floral taste

Spanish saffron: 

Renowned for its bold, aromatic flavor and vibrant red colour, this saffron is a favorite of chefs worldwide. 

Country: Spain 

Field or Region: La Mancha - Carmen 

Cultivated land area: 3000 hectares

Flavor: Ripe, aromatic, Sweet taste


Kashmiri saffron: 

Kashmiri saffron is distinguished by its long, thin threads and deep, crimson color, which impart a distinct flavor to any dish. 

Country: India 

Field or Region: Pampore 

Cultivated land area: 3000 hectares

Flavor: unique, subtle and slightly sweet


Afghan saffron: 

A rare and exotic saffron, known for its powerful, earthy taste and deep red threads. 

Country: Afghanistan 

Field or Region: Herat Province 

Cultivated land area: 6000 hectares

Flavor: slightly sweet, with a hint of bitter aftertaste


Moroccan saffron: 

With its complex, floral flavor and beautiful colour, this saffron is a true gem of North African cuisine. 

Country: Morocco 

Field or Region: Talouen 

Cultivated land area: 1200 hectares

Flavor: floral and sour

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